I have no idea how he does it.

Go read Matt Webb’s yearend wrap-up post. There’s more ideas lying loose on the ground there than in any of the last five books I’ve read, or, indeed, in the last forty posts here put together.

I don’t agree with all of the things Matt’s arguing – in fact, maybe it’s the focus on complex systems, at levels of abstraction both higher and lower than the human, but people seem to be missing from most of these thoughtbursts – but good god, what a treasure trove. Have at it.

2 responses to “Webb!!!”

  1. Fred Oliveira says :

    I was going to do a post much like this one as well. I read Matt’s post a couple of hours ago and was dumbfounded at some of the ideas he presents and the brilliance of the piece as a whole. I too disagree with some of Matt’s points (particularly about refactoring and code – I long for comments at Interconnected), but the beauty in ideas is that people have different takes on them.

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