Reversion to form

Heh – I had a good long run of actual posts with content in them, so you can’t complain too much about this one.

I’ll be in London and Helsinki next week, like the shadow cast by thunder. I’ll have a tightly compressed agenda, a lot on my mind, but ever so certainly the desire to spend some time with local peeps in both places. Ping me for link-up details.

7 responses to “Reversion to form”

  1. Rob says :

    Was just about to e-mail Matt Webb, Jack Schulze and Rod Mclaren about drinks after a flying visit to an architecture award gig on Wednesday 16th. You around that night?

  2. AG says :

    DANG. No. The 13th/14th. The names are spot on, though. : . )

  3. Rob says :

    Sod it. For a moment there I thought it as all going to fall into place perfectly. Have a good trip!

  4. Rod McLaren says :

    Hey Rob, where’s that email? :) Well, perhaps some of us can meet both Weds and 13/14th.

  5. Matt Patterson says :

    Balls. I’m in NY next week and was just thinking that I should try and introduce myself, and it turns out you’ll be hanging out in London with my friends… Ah well, good to see my timing is still impeccable.

  6. AG says :

    LOL. Fear not, I’ll be back in London soon enough. What are you planning to do hereabouts?

  7. Matt Patterson says :

    I’m in town on a consulting gig (US company with UK office, visiting mothership). Apropos of nothing, on my way to the airport this morning, I noticed that Hatton Cross tube station (next stop from Heathrow) has mosaic BOAC speedbirds all over it. Blue and orange.

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