Placemaking: Strategies including architecture

I thought a good number of you might be interested in this “Streets as Places” workshop the Project for Public Spaces is putting on 27 and 28 March here in NYC. I sorely want to go, but will have to juggle a few things (like teaching class that Thursday) before I can positively say I’ll be there.

The workshop, like PPS itself, is probably a bit New Urbanist for my taste, but I’d argue that’s precisely why those of us who have gotten over New Urbanism should engage and attend things like this. Put crudely, these folks are not the enemy; by and large, they want many of the same things of our cities that I do, and such differences that do exist are largely (but admittedly not exclusively) aesthetic. Or aesthetic and generational.

One of my not-so-secret agendas, of course, is helping to articulate a Newer Urbanism, and I think there’s plenty of room to work with organizations like PPS in framing an affirmative agenda for responsive cities. I’d love to see some of our Urban Computing students there, or some of the folks I’ve met in visits to Kazys Varnelis’s and David and Soo-In’s classes up at Columbia: I think you’d bring a vital note of informatic savvy to the proceedings.

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