Quasi-Public, tomorrow night at the New Museum

Short notice, I know, but why not join me tomorrow night at seven at the New Museum, for the Design Trust for Public Space event “Quasi-Public”?

The event is billed as a conversation between ace restaurateur Danny Meyer (of Union Square Café/Gramercy Tavern/Shake Shack fame) and New Yorker architecture critic Paul Goldberger; the Design Trust folks have kindly slipped me into the agenda as a kind of discussant after Paul and Danny throw down. I imagine they’ll want me to talk about some of the new possibilities for public space presented by ambient informatics, as well as all the ways in which these technologies tend to erode our conceptions of same if designed thoughtlessly or maliciously.

Should be fun, and, as usual, there’ll be G&T’s after. See you on the Bowery.

Maximum d’oh! Through some inexplicable cockup on my part, I totally dropkicked the date on this. It was last night, and I hear it went well. My apologies to everyone at the Design Trust for leaving them in the lurch.

Needless to say, as well, don’t show up at the New Museum tonight expecting to see anything resembling that described above. ; . )

One response to “Quasi-Public, tomorrow night at the New Museum”

  1. Eric Rodenbeck says :

    Damn. This one sounds like a good one. Wish I could be there!

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