It’s taken me most of the day, and the light is already fading, but I finally pushed my contribution to Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A out the door: a little thing I’m calling “Some guidelines for the ethical development of ubiquitous computing.”

I found the effort exhausting, actually – I’m not at all used to writing in an academic voice or format, and, heck, I have no problem confessing that I find the prospect of this particular publication as daunting and humbling as it is inspiring. I guess it’s best to think of it as one less thing I have left hanging over me before Nurri and I get on a plane for London in two weeks to actually go and present the paper. (Y’all Londinium regulars be advised that Mr. Jones is apparently planning some event to mark the occasion.)

In the meantime, those of you in the Washington DC area might want to come see me keynote this week’s Politics Online Conference – it sure looks like Julie’s put together an impressive event, and I’m looking forward to sharing my perspective with a community to which I haven’t historically had that much exposure. And, of course, to seeing the entire DC crew.

Me, I think I’m going to relax now with a large Corsendonk and the week’s Netflix haul. See ya soon.

5 responses to “Sundayburnt”

  1. Anne says :

    Congratulations Adam – I’m sure everything will go great!

    Have you given any more consideration to making your talks/papers available online?
    Even papers that don’t have to go through peer-review take some time to get published, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who would love to see it sooner rather than later :-)

  2. AG says :

    I surely will, because I’m disturbed by the idea that anything ostensibly supposed to advance the common good would be kept behind any kind of a wall.

    Let me first ensure, though, that the piece is all accepted for publication and good to go. (And anyway, anyone who knows me as well as you do knows exactly what it says.)

  3. Anne says :

    Cool. I still can’t wait to see it, and I hope you have a great time in London!

  4. Chris Baum says :

    Adam, that makes the reading of the Baroque Cycle a bit more contextual, eh? Reality to fiction to reality…

  5. AG says :

    LOL, sooooo true…

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