Publications divers

Three real quick notes on publications I’m involved with:

Les Audiences dans la Ville, the JCDecaux trendbook on urban near-futures to which I contributed has been placed online in its entirety, albeit, sigh, in Flash. It’s both in French and very French. Enjoy.

– Similarly, Being Human: Human Computer Interaction in 2020, the fruit of last year’s HCI2020 conference, launches next week. Maximum congrats to Richard, Abi, Yvonne and Tom: I’ve got my copy right here, and it’s as thoughtful and sensitive a roadmap to the next steps in interaction design as one could possibly hope for. Although I still have my doubts about both the “HCI” and the “2020.” : . )

– Finally, it’s become sadly typical of my interactions with my feckless former publishers that I only find out about this stuff when I get the quarterly royalty statement, but it looks like Everyware‘s going to be published in (traditional) Chinese. It’s a great second birthday present for the book and I’m super-stoked. Readers in Taiwan do me a favor? Keep an eye peeled for it, and give me a shout when it turns up, thanks.

8 responses to “Publications divers”

  1. nippotam says :

    it is a pity that JCDecaux put a flash file. It is nearly undeadable.
    If you have something in pdf it will be nice

  2. nippotam says :

    PS I read french fluently.

  3. AG says :

    nippotam, please understand that I have no control whatsoever over how JCDecaux chooses to release their publications.

  4. Isabelle says :

    Coming soon, I hope, a version in English of the trendbook (online). It’s a Flash version for lack of a better solution to protect our 18 contributors’ rights on the texts and images so there won’t be a pdf for the moment. It is very… French, yes !

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