Blowing Danish minds and whatnot

On a plane day after tomorrow for Denmark, where I’ll be speaking at the Nordic Exceptional Trendshop and, apparently, blowing minds. (Please note that, with all due respect, I didn’t write that bio blurb and take absolutely no responsibility for the grandiose and manifestly inaccurate claims made therein.) I’m looking forward to meeting some of my Scandic readers, and it’ll be swell to see Régine.

Then, later on in the month – the 14th, to be precise – I’ll be headed up to MIT for a special SENSEable City event good buddy Fabien Girardin‘s putting together; more details about that anon.

And now, since I’m as tired as you are of posting nothing but itineraries and whatnot, here’s the first scene of the John Adams opera Nixon in China, which is all kindsa awesome. Enjoy.

2 responses to “Blowing Danish minds and whatnot”

  1. Henrik Fohns says :

    Hello Adam
    I will see you tomorrow for an interview with the Danish Broadcast Corp. I just want you to know what a pleasant surprise it was to discover your link to John Adams. He is one of my favorite composers.
    regards Henrik Fohns,

  2. AG says :

    Heh. We aim to please!

    See you soon.

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