Geoff Ryman…Air…the yesness

Really quick post from Aarhus just to say how incredibly much I’m enjoying Geoff Ryman‘s Air, which I saw at St. Mark’s and picked up for the flight. Air, in some beautifully sideways sense, is Everyware as the most lyrical sort of “science” fiction, and I only wish I’d discovered it years ago; it’s the kind of book you buy a stack of, so you’ll always have copies on hand to give away.

I’d previously only known Ryman through his short story “Pol Pot’s Beautiful Daughter,” which I managed to greatly admire even as I tallied all the ways in which it made me uncomfortable. Some of these ways are things it shares with Air, most obviously the ventriloquizing of a protagonist who is other to Ryman along most conceivable axes. I’ll tell you what, though: he pulls it off, in both cases. At least I sure think so – how could I believe otherwise, sitting in the airport lounge with tears drawing tracks down my cheeks?

Not without its issues, granted. But absolutely top-notch stuff. I’ll want to write more about Ryman when I have a moment to think properly.

3 responses to “Geoff Ryman…Air…the yesness”

  1. Erin Kissane says :

    I’m glad to hear that Air is so good. I thought “PPBD” was excellent and widely misunderstood, and I’ve been meaning to have a look at Ryman’s other work.

  2. mark simpkins says :

    One of his earlier works, ‘The Child Garden’ is an amazing vision of a London that has gone green in a literal sense of overgrown, we have become plantlife.

    I have read much of his earlier stuff when I went through a phase of not finding SF that was cyberpunky enough and not into Fantasy or Horror. He was there with SF that used the tropes of Fantasy.

    The unconquered country is also worth a read.

  3. AG says :

    Oooh, duly noted. His stuff is kind of hard to lay hands on here in the States, even in the indie bookstores I prefer to support – I guess it’s off to Amazon again.

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