So, yeah, Denmark was lots of fun, and it feels like I managed to pack an amazing amount of experience into a very few days on the ground.

I was pretty badly jetlagged for much of the NEXT conference itself, and I’m ashamed to admit that much of it went by in an undercaffeinated blur. Two highlights I do clearly remember: it goes without saying that I disagree with just about everything freaky cyborg Kevin Warwick does, believes and advocates, but nobody could accuse him of boring his audiences. He’s got the showman gene, for sure; I was at least as tickled as I was appalled by the projects he showed.

And I must say I dug the immaculately-tailored Klaus Obermaier‘s videos, particularly D.A.V.E., which triggered memories of David Bowie’s unbelievably disturbing 1979 performance of “Boys Keep Swinging” on Saturday Night Live. (That’s a compliment.)

I also thought the accompanying exhibition was unusually well curated, full of intriguing and well-resolved projects. So top marks there, for sure.

Aarhus was perfectly scaled for the very brief period I had in which to explore it. I got to spend a really pleasant half-hour wandering Arne Jacobsen’s amazing Radhuset, or city hall, totally unbothered, and also really relished the stretch of town where a previously-covered canal has been opened up to the light and air. The latter struck me as a kind of mini-Cheonggyecheon project, with perhaps the very slightest touch of Amsterdam’s Oudezijds Voorburgwal. At any rate, it sure made for great flânerie.

Thanks to Peder Burgaard, Mads Thimmer, Martin Brynskov, Jørgen Jakob, Tine and KaosPilots‘ Christer Lidzélius. The greatest portion of my gratitude, though, has to be reserved for Julie Maria Christofferson, without whom I’d have been both lost and stone-cold sober. I’m thinking I’ll see all you guys again before too long, Helsinki being so much closer to Aarhus than NYC.

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