The casual genius of Timo Arnall

I was, I admit, very, very skeptical about video on Flickr. And then I saw what could be done with it, in the hands of someone with flawless aesthetic sense. No longer so skeptical. : . )

While we’re on the subject of awe-inspiring friends, check out this extended NYT piece on mobile connectivity and the developing world, which also happens to be a love letter to our own intrepid Mr. Chipchase. (And guess who makes a cameo?)

And, oh, the stars must be aligned just right for a certain kind of brilliance to spread its wings: please join me in congratulating Near Future Laboratory co-conspirators Julian Bleecker and Nicolas Nova on their timely escapes from the academy.

Kudos in every direction, like a lawn sprinkler made of yes.

One response to “The casual genius of Timo Arnall”

  1. nicolas says :

    hehe, thanks, time to cut the umbilical cord

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