Back from Boston

This is just the briefest of entries thanking Fabien and his SENSEable City Lab cohorts for an amazing discussion yesterday. I think the talk went really well, and it certainly seemed to generate precisely the sorts of connections I know Fabien was hoping for.

It’s a young lab, but the SENSEable folks are up to some really impressive stuff; certainly their New York Talk Exchange visualizations were one of the standout pieces in MoMA’s “Design and the Elastic Mind” show. (The latter’s still on, by the way, in case you haven’t yet had the chance to reckon with it.)

Stoked, particularly, to chat with Jonathan Raper and Paul Torrens – not that I’m on board with each and every assertion either one of them made, but they sure furnished the best kind of minds to hone arguments against, and were wicked good company – and, as always, great to see Bryan and Beth.

The roundtable itself gathered a nicely variegated audience, I thought. It’s true that geographers predominated, but then their 7,000-strong annual conference was in town – and anyway, I tend to like geographers, and to value their insights. Also, as you’d imagine, a decent scattering of architects, new-media and technology types, some policy folks, and maybe one or two profoundly undisciplinary* sorts like me. (*HT to teh Bleecker.) All in all, it struck me as the kind of room where “Schelling point” perplexes half the audience and “read/write API” the other half, and that’s a good and a happy thing in my book – or is as long as the initial perplexity eventually gets resolved, anyway.

So once again, congratulations to indefatigable Fabien, to Carlo, and to everyone at SENSEable. My SENSE is that a lot of the ideas that got generated and shared yesterday are going to linger for awhile.

One response to “Back from Boston”

  1. fabien says :

    Thanks for discombobulating MIT!

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