LIFT: Now boarding

It is with a certain measure of pride that I’m able to share this next bit of news with you: I’ve accepted the very kind offer of a spot on the LIFT conference’s advisory board.

As you’ll know from my past posts on various LIFT-related matters, the organizers have been consistently ahead of the pack in terms of the high quality of their events. These are conferences with impeccable production values, a profoundly inclusive approach to participation, and, with one or two insignificant exceptions, the ability to attract surprising and genuinely insightful speakers.

I’m further encouraged by LIFT’s ambition to forge significant links between global design and technology communities that, however much they’d benefit from mutual awareness, all too often seem to be evolving along their own insular paths. LIFT’s farsighted decision to attempt an annual event in Korea (and the equally felicitous decision of Daum‘s Jaewoong Lee to throw his support behind the conference) argues forcefully that this is a rupture that need not be lived with passively, and that people like you and me can participate in addressing it at both individual and institutional levels.

This is important stuff, and I’m thrilled to be able to bring whatever I can to the table. You can add your voice to the conversation at LIFT Asia 2008 on Jejudo (Korea’s famous honeymoon island), September 4-6 – you know I hope to see you there.

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