Rainy Friday odds’n’sods

– We’re hiring! Nokia Design is looking for some talented individuals to come help us forge the future of mobile interaction, and brave the Finnish winters besides. (These happen to be Helsinki-based positions, but I hear the Palo Alto studio is looking, too, if gentle Bay Area days & La Costeña burritos are more your bag.)

Our Digital Design team is looking for one specialist, interaction design, one interaction designer and one communication designer. Don’t ask me what those job titles mean, BTW; this isn’t my team but the next one over. You may regard that as a plus. : . )

Bonus: if you apply through these links, and I know you from hanging out here, I’ll be happy to share my feelings in support of your candidacy.

– Item the second: Scram! The much-beloved West Philly ska-punk band of yore, that is. These guys were the sekrit joy of many a basement gig and summer block party, in the days before every unclued fratboy with a skateboard knew how to pickituppickitup. I’m dyin’ to hear some of that good Scram! sound but it just doesn’t seem to come digital, like at all. If anyone has any mp3s of their oeuvre lying around – oh, especially the giddy “Here Tonite” – please do sail ’em my way. Suitable consideration will be offered.

– It assuredly doesn’t need any boost I might be able to offer it, but you should really check out Chin Music’s Art Space Tokyo, painstakingly assembled by Ashley Rawlings and Craig Mod, and gorgeously realized by the latter. It’s a lovely object, and a gift to anyone who’s ever wandered the winding backstreets of Tokyo.

6 responses to “Rainy Friday odds’n’sods”

  1. Tony says :

    Adam, you might want to check out this blog post I unearthed:

    And it looks like some Amazon Marketplace sellers have Scram’s old Kingsessing Trials CD.

    Since both you and Jan Chipchase have blogged about those job openings today, they must bear looking into … hmmm. Do I fancy relocating from Scotland? Worth pondering over the weekend.

  2. AG says :

    Heh, thanks Tony – I’d seen that, and noticed sadly that the site owner had taken the track down. : . (

  3. Tony says :

    Damn. Finding blog posts where the MP3 has been removed seems to be the theme for my Friday.

  4. Jamie says :

    Re: Scram, a few Philly bands of that era/scene seem to have at least some on-line presence nowadays, e.g., those linked here:
    . . . but, alas, no Scram (yet).

    Am I correct in recalling our witness to an NYC Ritz gig in which Scram backed up Schoolly D? Throughout which Schoolly browbeat the percussionist on-stage so severely & persistently that the poor dude looked like he was about to burst into tears, or brain Schoolly with a timbale?

  5. AG says :

    Perhaps he hadn’t smoked enough kill.

    I remember that show well enough that I’m tempted to say the Schoolly/Scram! pairing was opening for the Bad Brains – I must’ve seen the latter worthies *at least* four times at Rock Hotel alone. That particular evening was like Philly Pride Night at the Ritz. Ah, goodtimes.

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