I’m here. You know what? Locked, cocked and ready to rock I may be, but this here is the first week of August – Helsinki’s on vacation.

Sure is purty, though. Mmmm.

7 responses to “HELlo”

  1. Sumppi says :

    Don’t worry, Helsinki will pretty much get back to work on Monday. July seems to still be the choice for vacation in Finland.

    Enjoy the few summer days (or by now, hours) left as it seems that the crash course to finnish weather is just about to arrive any day now: http://dy.fi/7yh

  2. igj says :

    huzzah and congrats.

  3. Jamie says :

    Congratulations on safe arrival. We look forward to further reports, verbal and photographic.

  4. Derek says :

    Welcome to Helsinki!

  5. Ville Vesterinen says :

    Welcome to Helsinki Adam! Great to have you here.

  6. AG says :

    Great to be here! : . )

  7. v says :

    ah, the finnish summer has finally arrived..

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