n years to the day

It’s five years to the day since Nurri and I got off the plane in San Francisco, and began the American phase of our adventure, now ending (for her) and -ed (for me).

Seven YTTD since what will assuredly go down in the books as the least attended-to, and therefore the most notable, PDB in that document’s history (“Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US“). And sixty-three since this.

Personal markers, harbingers of far more universal loss, that loss itself. No point to the observation, really, but to stop and wonder.

6 responses to “n years to the day”

  1. John says :

    10 years today since this.

  2. John says :

    The Tompkins Square Park Riot.

  3. AG says :

    Shirley you mean “twenty,” right? ; . )

  4. John says :

    Damn. Where does the time go.

  5. Jamie says :

    Where indeed. I strolled through TSP yesterday midday, to commemorate the occasion. There was the tidy dog run. There were the parents pushing high end strollers. There in the distance was the absence of the bandshell. “How utterly changed,” I brooded.

    Then I was forced abruptly to reverse course, as converging on the path directly ahead of me were two bug-eyed homeless guys, cursing each other, one wielding a broken bottle and the other with a garbage can hoisted above his head.

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