A’dam bound

Wheels up for Schiphol tomorrow, for back-to-back Amsterdam speaking gigs later in the week:

– Thursday is PICNIC, where I’ll once again be laying down the spiel I call “The Long Here, the Big Now, and other tales of the networked city.” This’ll be the third iteration of this particular talk, which is ordinarily right around the time I start to get halfway decent at giving it, so it should be fun. PICNIC is also, of course, a sterling opp’y to catch up with the crew, and I’m looking forward to that more than anything else; Genevieve, Clay, and Ethan, I’m looking at you in particular. : . )

– Friday I’m humping over to the Tuchinski Theater to keynote EuroIA. I still haven’t decided quite what I’ll say, though I’m leaning toward a fairly raw representation of the way I personally perceive information architecture, as a practice and as a community, to have missed some key opportunities and inflection points in the last few years. (The alternative would be a comparatively dry description of some of those opportunity domains, again as I perceive them. If you have a strong preference as to which you’d rather see, feel free to sound off in comments.)

3 responses to “A’dam bound”

  1. Jonathan Pfeiffer says :

    Sounds awesome. I hope some of this stuff gets podcasted.

  2. Kars says :

    I won’t be there to see it, but go for the raw variant at Euro IA, as far as I’m concerned.

    I’ll see you around at Picnic I hope, safe travels.

  3. drasia says :

    Hi Adam,
    I saw your presentation today, and it was amazing! Well, I think that the entire audience enjoyed it!

    I guess it is time, for me, to start to read your book

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