¡Visualizar! etc.

The briefest of heads-ups:

– This weekend is NordiCHI ’08 in Lund, Sweden, where I’ll be participating in a workshop on “digital urban living,” spending some time with our old friend Raye Fukuda, and generally cough Driving Design Innovation. Come say hi.

– Then week after next, I’m flying down to Madrid to participate in Visualizar ’08: Database City. It’s a heady-sounding workshop organized by the folks at Medialab-Prado – a rich program, and if you happen to be in that neck of the woods, you should consider stopping by for at least some part of it.

And I’m afraid that’s it for now – the press of ongoing events, and like that.

8 responses to “¡Visualizar! etc.”

  1. cataspanglish says :

    Which days will you be in Madrid, Adam?

  2. AG says :

    Right now, it’s looking like 04-07 November.

  3. cataspanglish says :

    Hello again Adam,
    I was wondering if it would be possible to do an interview with you in Madrid for our PodCamp Barcelona podcast? I literaly just finished Everyware this morning and was going to contact you anyway – but as you are going to be so close it would be great to take advantage of the opportunity (although I am aware that you’ve probably got a crazy schedule).



  4. AG says :

    Yeah, I don’t see why not. Come grab me.

  5. cataspanglish says :

    Great, do you know if Visualizar is open to the public? I’ve visited their site but it’s not very clear.

  6. José Luis de Vicente says :


    Visualizar is open to the public. Adam’s talk will be open to everyone, not only the workshop participants, and you can currently enroll as a colaborator to help in the production of one of the 9 projects that will be developed.

    All info is at http://www.visualizar.org



  7. cataspanglish says :

    Hi JL,

    Thanks for posting your answer to my questions
    Due to work commitments I will probably only be in Madrid for one day (I live in Lleida) so won’t be able to participate as a collaborator in the 9 projects – which is a pity as Visualizar seems like a fascinating event.
    Which day will Adam be speaking? Would it also be possible to record an interview with you about the project for our podcast?



  8. cataspanglish says :

    Adam will speaking on November 6th

    “19:00h Conferencia de Adam Greenfield: The Long Here, the Big Now, and other tales of the networked city”

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