Thought for a first November

If Barack truly pulls it off, some eighty hours from now, I will happily eat my hat.

7 responses to “Thought for a first November”

  1. Brendan says :

    Here’s hoping that you’ll be cooking up some fedora flambé, beret brioche or deerstalker delight on November 5th…

  2. Fabio says :

    Well… when can we see the photos? ;) (so glad I am feeling hungry for hats too)

  3. Rachel H says :

    I will bring salt and pepper next week.

  4. PaulC says :

    do you want fries with that sir?

  5. AG says :

    : . )

    Believe me: in a lifetime of being wrong from time to time, and occasionally badly so, I have never been more delighted about it.

  6. Austin says :

    I still agree with your main premise as many people I know were absolutely dumb-founded and scared shitless Tuesday evening.

    It’s not that the future shock went away, just that it lost the electoral vote. Any thoughts on the dynamics between the old and the new? Feels like big waves sloshing back and forth in a bath tub, crashing into one another as they pass.

  7. AG says :

    Well, to be honest, I can’t quite believe it myself. I can now look back and admit that writing that piece was my own kind of prophylaxis – an attempt to inoculate myself against the crushing disappointment I was so afraid I’d be facing on the morning of the fifth November.

    Sure, I’d bet there are a whole lot of people for whom fear of the future and of the pace of change remains a definitive feature of their psychic landscape. It’s also probably the case that some significant percentage of them experienced the election result as merely another terrifying signal from a future they don’t, can’t and won’t recognize.

    But here’s the important part, here’s what I learned last Tuesday: under the right circumstances, hope itself can be self-fulfilling. Change of the best sort, too, can be autocatalytic. Healing can spread, just like damage. It needs help, of course it does – but I needed a reminder that entropy is not a mandatory law of democracies, and I got it.

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