Human again

Given how very flatteringly he’s framed it, modesty ought to forbid me from linking to this two-part conversation with Podcamp Barcelona’s Chris Pinchen, or even alluding to it. (Not that it’s ever stopped me before.) But I got a great big kick out of doing this, and I thought the self-indulgence of a link might narrowly be justified by the notion that some of you-all’d get a similar kick from listening.

Chris kindly came all the way down to Madrid to interview me at Visualizar ’08 the day after the US elections, and of course caught me on the giddying upstroke. We range widely over subjects including corporate Situationism, fear of ubicomp, the technological disparity between everyday life in the US and that in other parts of the world, and the odd and occasionally uncomfortable freedoms afforded anyone living in a culture to which they are not native. (It never hurts to name-check the Mekons either.)

Part I and II. Enjoy.

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