The January agenda

Just a reminder for those of you who may be interested: I’m doing two public talks in January, one on either edge of the Atlantic, and it’d be great to see you at either or both of them.

– The first is in Paris on the afternoon of the 8th, where I’ll be making an “intervention exceptionelle” (!) at the Villes 2.0 conference, alongside friends like Fabien Girardin and Daniel Kaplan. Do try to come if you’re in town; I’ve really been looking forward to this.

– And, as already noted, in New York City I’ll be joining Rachel Abrams and Soo-In Yang at White Rabbit on Houston the evening of the 14th for a gathering of “The Urbanists,” on behalf of SVA’s fledgling Interaction Design program. And yes, as one commenter has already pointedly inquired, I too am less than thrilled with that program’s apparent emphasis on “business success” as the overriding rationale for sound design, but I also suspect that wording may be about right for SVA’s target audience. If you’re still het up over this, come on the 14th and we’ll ponder the matter over drinks. I’ll even introduce you to the department head, and you can take up the matter with her directly. : . )

That’s about it for now. I’d been working on an end-of-year post for tomorrow, but we’ve had some sad news here and what I was writing suddenly seems kind of trivial by comparison, as, frankly, does the above. Come anyway, and we’ll do our best to assert some normality and maybe even work our way toward something that feels like cheer.

In the meantime, do me a favor and be extra-excellent to each other. And if your beloved asks why you’re squeezing so hard when you hug them, tell ’em that’s the bit from me.

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