You are owed

…a progress report on The City Is Here For You To Use, a book which (you may recall) I once believed you’d have in yr hot little hands as of yesterday.

I am, however, pretty much wiped out at the moment. The spirit is willing, etc. Will you forgive me if I manage that comprehensive update in a day or two? Oh, and happy Year of the Cow.

3 responses to “You are owed”

  1. John Statistician says :

    I’ll confess I’m curious.

  2. AG says :

    Sit tight. I delivered (fairly extensive) notes to my wonderful editor Erin in New York last week, and of these 95,000+ words we will build you a book.

  3. Auke Touwslager says :

    Just pay-pal’ed as well. Way too late by me (should have done it a year ago!) Go strong!

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