Free Minimal Compact e-book from Diffusion

Headline pretty much says it all, but I am just super-happy to announce that Diffusion has republished my Minimal Compact as part of their Constitution project. (You can also read it in its entirety here if for whatever reason you don’t feel like downloading the e-book.)

It’s a pretty neat sixth-anniversary present for the Compact, and of course it tickles me to death to see it alongside titles like Common Sense, the Magna Carta and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Diffusion is

…a platform for public authoring and cultures of listening – creating and sharing knowledge, stories, ideas and information. DIFFUSION Shareables…are free to download, print and make up. They can be shared freely (by email, post, photocopy etc) at next to no cost to readers. Using the internet as the primary distribution mechanism, DIFFUSION Shareables are accessible to people across the world, including places that it would not be economical, or physically possible, to distribute traditional publications to. You can share the eBooks…electronically or as material objects – scan, email, post or photocopy them. DIFFUSION creates a hybrid of analogue and digital media, utilising the unparalleled reach of the internet with the pleasure of tactile forms.

It’s a really great project and, again, I couldn’t be happier to see the Compact become a part of it. I extend many thanks to Giles Lane.

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