Arctic insertion

Thanks to the lovely Matt Cottam, two weeks from today I’ll be holding forth in the far North, at the Umeå Institute of Design’s Spring Summit 2009 – and doing so alongside some of my very favorite people.

If you should happen to be in Umeå, or anywhere within a hearty day’s cross-country trek, I really do recommend that you come; with Timo Arnall, Jack Schulze and Matt Jones all in one small place, the arctic tundra may just melt from the concentrated thrill-power. Bring galoshes.

One response to “Arctic insertion”

  1. Pierre-Alex. Poirier says :

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for coming down to Umeå. It was a very refreshing and inspiring day for all of us students. I enjoyed all the talks and so did my girlfriend that was visiting from Canada.

    … And so I “gave in” on Facebook. I subscribed, finally. My girlfriend’s relentless insistance (pun intended) and the short talk we had during the party that followed the conference convinced me.

    So I guess i’m thanking you. For what? Don’t know yet. We’ll see.


    p-a poirier

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