Sumer is ifilin in

Speaking of upcoming events, I’m super-happy to relate the following summer keynotes to you:

– On 08 May – and yes, that is the day before the Helsinki City Run, in which I’ll be leading mighty TEAM SUPERNAUT to (cough) certain victory – I’ll be kicking off the Expanded City session of the International Media Art Biennale WRO in Wrocław;

– I can’t wait to join Usman Haque, Christian Nold and a whole brace of other fine folks for the last-ever Futuresonic in Manchester on 15 May;

– And finally, I’m delighted to confirm that I’ll be speaking at Frontiers of Interaction V in Rome on 09 June. Pound for pound, Frontiers is one of the best events going, it’s Rome in early summer, these guys treat their guests like kings, and in general I’m really looking forward to it – plus, they rock just about the best conference t-shirts anywhere.

As usual, I hope to see you at one or many of the above.

One response to “Sumer is ifilin in”

  1. il Leone Ridicolo says :

    “Team Supernaut?” Reach out and touch that sky!

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