All is full of love

For everyone who’s written to ask if everything’s OK: I’m truly grateful for your concern, and absolutely sorry if what I wrote alarmed you in any way. Everything is more than OK, it’s wonderful – just the kind of wonderful that forces you to change your plans in fairly wrenching ways, that’s all. And in the long run, the wrenching is over quickly, and what you’re left remembering and working with is the wonderful.

A big part of what’s getting me through the meanwhile is that some of y’all are the most amazing people I’ve ever had the honor of knowing. Thanks, again, for your constant support and inspiration.

2 responses to “All is full of love”

  1. Ms. Jen says :

    I hope that a winter in Helsinki has not cast you into a depression. Summer is on its way…

  2. AG says :

    Naahh, I’m made of sterner stuff than that. Thanks for the encouraging words, though.

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