Some upcoming events

Hey ho. Couple of upcoming talks and public events I want to hip you to:

– I’m speaking at the d.Construct conference in Brighton, England on the 4th September. Mind you, I’m almost certainly going to bunk off at some point during the day and find the site of the Whitsunday 1964 Mods v. Rockers riot, if that’s more your speed. (Me? I’m a mocker.)

– On Friday, 25th September, I’ll once again be speaking at PICNIC in Amsterdam. At least, I think I will: I can’t find the Urban Futures track on their website, and the organizer I’ve most recently been in touch with was apparently just let go. But trust me, I’m planning on being there, and you should too.

– I’ll be giving two talks in Barcelona during this year’s Design Week: the first at Citilab on the 24th of October, and the second at MACBA on the 29th. More details to come on both of these gigs, but Nurri and I will be there all week and will be stoked during 100% of that time.

– On the 25th of November, at a talk to be jointly sponsored by my friends at Microsoft Research Cambridge and the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, I’ll mark the 39th anniversary of Yukio Mishima‘s seppuku by striding to a balcony and making a long, incoherent speech about national honor be taking a look at near-future urban interfaces. We’re still trying trying trying to sort out the ever-knotty details of logistics for this one, but by all means pencil it in if you’re in the area and this kind of thing is up your alley.

– The night after that, I’ll be in London for a conversation with Usman Haque. Usman is brilliant, his Pachube project is pointing at something very interesting and valuable, and I cannot wait to engage him in what promises to be an enlightening and entertaining dialogue. The event is free, but seating is limited, so you should get your reservation in now.

And that’s my September, October and November sorted. I hope to see you at one, several or all of these events. Until then, be excellent to one another.

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