Zeitgeist week ’09

If you’re at all interested in questions of networked urbanism, digital fabrication or interactive architecture – and let’s be honest: you’re here, so I know you are – there’s a pair of must-see events, bookending the Atlantic, that open/happen next week:

– If you’re lucky enough to be in New York, you have a solid two months to take in Toward the Sentient City, the Architectural League show curated by Mark Shepard and constituting a culmination of the two-year Situated Technologies process.

Sentient City is just jammed with the provocative work of good friends David Benjamin and Soo-In Yang, Usman Haque, Carlo Ratti, Anthony Townsend and Laura Forlano, and I cannot imagine that you’d come away from seeing it with anything less than a head full of new ideas about urban space and how to use it. At the League space, 457 Madison Avenue, through 7th November 2009.

– Equally ludicrous in the degree of its thrill-power, but concentrated into a single day, the Digital Architecture London conference features Tony Dunne, the ubiquitous Usman, yon BERGman Matt Webb, and more squamous, imbricated, invaginated, Voronoi-ular and otherwise procedural dynamics of structuration than you can shake a stick at. 21st September at The Building Centre, Store Street, London WC1E 7BT.

Go to one, go to both, come away inspired.

Update: D’oh! Not to mention, this year’s Conflux is that week. As usual, too much going on to namecheck properly, but for sure see Urban Omnibus‘s Cassim Shepard, Mark’s Sentient City Survival Kit, Eve Mosher’s Insert _______ Here, the Waterpod, and Transportation AlternativesPOP.Park: Reclaim Your Street. Also, tons of distributed ZOMG-grade awesome at Conflux City. Looks like Conflux is bigger and better’n ever.

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