El malo Mundo

A request to my Spanish-speaking readers: please disregard utterly the interview with me that appears in today’s El Mundo of Spain. It’s almost impossible for me to discern anything resembling my own sentiments among its truncations, paraphrases, elisions and outright inventions.

2 responses to “El malo Mundo

  1. Kilian Barrera says :

    Do not worry. I’ve already erased from my memory. I understand that the journalist has done his job badly. I hope to read a better interview of yours in the future. Saludos desde Canarias.

  2. Jesús Duch says :

    I’ve readen the interview on the Internet and I enjoyed it, but I think that you have more interesting arguments to explain.

    At least you don’t have to be worried about having a bad presentation, I think that the interview is correct, but forgets all the good discuss you have.

    If I would notices that you were in Barcelona I’d tried to catch you up!! I live so near to Cornellà ;)

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