Blatant teaser

Good morning! As I promised/warned you back in February, it’s been a good few months since I had much of anything to say here, but I find myself (perhaps unsurprisingly) refreshed by the returning of the sun to Helsinki. Accompanied as it has been by gentler air and the first lovely croci breaching soil, it’s had a marked effect on my mood and, in turn, sense of the possible.

We can finally spend more time outside for its own sake, rather than resorting to the grim rush between buildings that characterizes the winter half of the year. Poke around in streets we’ve never explored, take a little cava on the Esplanade, that kind of thing. You’d be amazed how much of a difference that makes…or maybe you wouldn’t be.

At any rate. There’s stuff in the works. Of course I’m dying to share it with you, but the appropriate moment hasn’t quite yet arrived, so for the time being I’m going to offer the below in lieu of anything more substantive.

I’m afraid what follows is nothing but the blog equivalent of a clip show, nor will it contain even the slightest surprise for anyone who’s been following my work over the past few years. Nevertheless, in the aggregate these links should give you a distinct flavor of the thing that comes next for me:

Toward urban systems design.
Public objects.
jnd: An emergent vocabulary of form for urban screens.
More on interactive advertising: Better be careful what you wish for.
Always unpacking.

If you’re not satisfied by this kind of rehashing — and who, really, could blame you? — why not come see me at FutureEverything in Manchester next month. I’ll be curating a showcase of urbanist iPhone apps and, if plied with the proper substances, may well be more forthcoming about what the future holds. Until Manchester, then?

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