Recap for the week ending 9th May 2010

Yeah, that’s what the calendar says. I kind of refuse to believe it my ownself, seeing as the thermometer registers forty-one degrees miserably Fahrenheit.

Nevertheless, another week of 2010 down. Here’s what happened on Speedbird this week:

– We celebrated the third of MAY twenty-TEN, the day on which the action of John Brunner’s towering 1968 novel Stand on Zanzibar begins;
– paused to consider that streets were something that had to be invented, and asked what similarly obvious innovations might remain to be claimed;
essayed a nowcast of the network weather, by way of clarifying my fundamental stance on technology;
argued that a free-as-in-beer transmobility would pay for itself many times over, and in some very important ways;
– described beginner’s mind, and how to get it;
– and finally, cast a jaundiced eye on the fall of Empire, and what happens to cities (and people) in its aftermath.

The upcoming is — volcano gods willing — a travel week, so not too much content in the offing. I’ll be at FutureEverything in Manchester between Wednesday and Friday, and in New York and Chicago for the six days after that. Ping if you want to get together for a chat, a drink, an etc., and I’ll see you here as and when able.

2 responses to “Recap for the week ending 9th May 2010”

  1. Eleanor Saitta says :

    I’m going to be speaking shortly (at SigInt in Cologne) on modern networked surveillance, socioeconomic divisions, and crowdsourced solutions, and I’d love to chat while you’re in NY. Got time?

  2. AG says :

    Not a lot, as it happens, but email me and I’ll find time to grab a coffee.

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