Helsinki heads-up

Hey hey! We’re back in HEL for a few hours, at the tail end of a bad jag of travel: two conferences and two additional speaking appearances on two continents in two weeks. (And you wondered why I hadn’t been writing here.) Thanks to everyone at AT&T and Sonae; to swift & steady Claudio; to my good friends at Nordkapp and all the participants in last weekend’s Touchscapes workshop; and especially to Anab, Michelle, Juha and Sarah for sharing some quality AMS time with us.

Stand by for some thoughts on the ethics of making do and adaptive reuse; appropriate and mistaken approaches to serving “emerging markets” at the “bottom of the pyramid”; and some advice from a speaker’s perspective on how (and how not) to organize conferences and other events.

On this week’s agenda: a talk and mini-walkshop in Oulu, part of the Second Open Ubiquitous City Seminar, prep for a speaking appearance in Berlin next week and the Barcelona Systems/Layers walkshop week after that (!).

2 responses to “Helsinki heads-up”

  1. Matt says :

    so… what’s “urbanscale”? I’m guessing *this* is urbanscale??? If so… nice!

  2. AG says :

    All in due time, my good man.

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