Raw “power”

The raw footage from an interview I did with ZDF German television — twenty-five minutes of me talking about networked cities, if you can take it. (I myself dig the hobbled Trabi I’m slouching against.)

I hope you’ll forgive the moments of redundancy, the result of a droning airplane which kept circling overhead and necessitating the reboot of one or two questions. I have less of an excuse for the inarticulation and hand-wavy quality…but all in all it’s not too shabby an outing for someone who was freezing and had to pee pretty mightily. I hope you enjoy it.

5 responses to “Raw “power””

  1. Mentifex says :

    If you want to see some “raw power” point your Internet Explorer at http://www.scn.org/~mentifex/AiMind.html to see the artificial Mind in action.

  2. Antti says :

    Is ths you that Joe Clark is referring to here, obliquely? [URL redacted – AG]

    You are the only theoretician of urban computing I know of. :)

  3. AG says :

    You know what? It may well be. Joe is a sad, broken person, with a well-documented history of being creepily obsessed with me and my doings, so it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest.

    Just on GP, though, I’m not going to click on that link — I have absolutely no intention of rewarding his pathetic, attention-craving behavior, and even less desire to see whatever thoroughly toxic spew of self- and outer-directed loathing he’s posted this time — so I can’t say for sure.

    Out of curiosity, and I mean no offense: why would you bring this to my attention? If I took note of every oblique dig by every marginal person (or even, frankly, of every kind and complimentary thing said by every well-wisher), I’d never get a damn thing done. Life’s too damn short to take every last thing on board, y’know?

  4. Antti says :

    I suspected as much.

    My observation of Joe Clark is that he can ‘dish it out but not take it’. I thought if you knew he was taking shots at you, you’d want to have words with him. Which ought to be entertaining. :)

    At the least I was curious about why he would mention BERG by name and not yourself.

  5. MA says :

    Is there a source for the comment about “if you have location plus any one another piece of information”?

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