It breaks my heart

to see my writing used this way:

4. Exploit the Long Here and the Big Now.
Chance can be cultivated; opportunity can be orchestrated; serendipity can be engineered. Anchor your brand’s story in a particular moment in place and time and let them discover it — in effect becoming part of their stories as well.

Bravo, Jesse Haines and Abigail Posner, whoever you are: you’ve managed to completely subvert the spirit and intention of everything I do, in a way that makes me want to vomit/stop writing completely/just put a gun in my mouth already.

One response to “It breaks my heart”

  1. Eliz Pomeroy says :

    While I agree product placement is what it’s all about, it always has been, so, whatever. Meanwhile, if your really brilliant work can be subverted, for sure, Jesse and Abigail will be subverted. Onward with the subversive! Please keep writing!

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