“Against the smart city” now available for purchase in Kindle

This is turning into a week of posts that begin “It gives me great pleasure…”, isn’t it? Well, forgive me: it does actually give me great pleasure to share with you the news that our pamphlet “Against the smart city,” the first part of The city is here for you to use, is now available for purchase in a Kindle edition. I hope you enjoy it.

Additionally, if you’re among those who pre-ordered The city is here for you to use lo those many years ago, I’d like to ship you a copy of the pamphlet gratis as a way of thanking you for your patience. If you haven’t gotten an email to that effect from me recently, I may not have your current address, so if you’ll drop me a line and let me know where I can reach you, I’ll send you your copy immediately.

You may have noticed, as well, that this is published through our Do projects initiative, which means that every penny we garner in commission goes directly toward supporting our ability to produce work like this, Nurri’s Tokyo Blues, and other inquiries at the intersection of urbanism and everyday life. So please do share widely. Many thanks!

34 responses to ““Against the smart city” now available for purchase in Kindle”

  1. Rob Kitchin (@RobKitchin) says :

    Adam, is it possible to buy a PDF version of this for non kindle folk? Rob

  2. AG says :

    No, but I can send you one. : . ) Check your inbox.

  3. Remy Bourganel says :

    I’m also interested in purchcasing a PDF version.

  4. Remy Bourganel says :


  5. AG says :

    There is no PDF version, Remy. Your options are to buy the Kindle edition from Amazon or, in about another week, the POD version currently in preparation.

  6. karl says :

    Same deal. :)

    1. want to buy
    2. want a non DRM epub version so I can read it on my ereader.

    Expression of a market ;)

  7. AG says :

    I’ll tell you what, Karl. Because I love you, if you PayPal me eight bucks I’ll gin up a DRM-free epub version, just for you.

  8. Phil Olynyk says :

    Why not put the epub version up on Smashwords or Kobo? Distribution will be lots easier. The market is speaking.

  9. AG says :

    We will when we’ve managed to gin up an epub file we’re fully satisfied with. There’s a couple of style and formatting issues that we haven’t fully been able to resolve as yet.

  10. BenP says :

    Perfect timing for the upcoming election here in Montreal; one candidate in particular is pushing to implement the “smart city” concept.

    I agree that a PDF version would be great, though :/

  11. Gustaf Rosell says :

    I am a Readmill reader and wonder as some others here about an epub/pdf version. (With POD, do you mean audio book?

  12. AG says :

    Hey Gustaf! POD means “print-on-demand,” i.e. an actual, physical book. Regarding epub…email me and I’ll see what I can do.

  13. Jim Fearnley says :

    I would be be very grateful for a copy of this bulletin. Many thanks and best of luck with the book, Jim

  14. Jim Fearnley says :

    While we’re at it, could I blag a pdf of the whole publication? I am a welfare recipient, and not able to pony up…

  15. AG says :

    Check your mailbox, Jim. Cheers.

  16. Alexander Ziegler says :

    As an Austrian Student without kindle trying to write critically on the topic as well I’d be grateful to get a PDF of this groundwork

  17. Pierre-Denis Autric says :

    Dear Adam,

    Is it possible to get a pdf version of your stuff. I don’t use amazon because of their ability to withdraw documents at their will.

    My mail is there for further details.

    I hope your next book that looks very promising go well. I am very interested into the conditions of the creation of a smarter city, that means at the bottom in the search and validation of an appropriate way of government : how to deal with common wealth ?

  18. AG says :

    You can buy a print version here: foryoutou.se/againstthesmartcityPOD

  19. Cristina says :

    Hi Adam,

    Is there any way to access this besides Amazon and actual hard cover? I am preparing my final paper on “Smart Cities” at the University and I am trying to see more pros and cons on the topic before writing my own conclusions. I’ve read a lot about the topic, but it’s all promoting and none against. It would be nice to see a different approach.

    Thank you and good luck with the upcoming book, Cris.

  20. AG says :

    Yeah, those are the options at the moment. For what it’s worth Lulu has been quite good about shipping copies quickly.

  21. Cristina says :

    Thank you for your answer :) I’ll try to order it as soon as I can.

  22. Georges Vivier says :

    Hi Adam. Your first book was very insightful and is helping me alot during exchanges with my geek techno crazy collegues. Is it possible to get a PDF of you new jem?
    Thanks in advance!

  23. AG says :

    Hi Georges –

    Thanks for your interest. I’m no longer distributing PDF copies, but if you’re looking for a hard-copy edition of the pamphlet, it can be ordered here: foryoutou.se/againstthesmartcityPOD

  24. marthijn says :

    HI AG, i’m also looking for the pdf version. Could you send me one?

  25. yusni says :

    Hey Adam, where can I get the Kindle version of this book? Amazon does not selling it anymore. Thank you

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