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Further to notes on a diagram of Occupy Sandy

Yes, enumerate the carriage parts — still not a carriage.
When you begin making decisions and cutting it up rules and names appear
And once names appear you should know when to stop.

Tao te Ching, tr. M. LaFargue. (For the record, I prefer the Stephen Mitchell translation, but this seemed more pointedly relevant to the work at hand.)

El malo Mundo

A request to my Spanish-speaking readers: please disregard utterly the interview with me that appears in today’s El Mundo of Spain. It’s almost impossible for me to discern anything resembling my own sentiments among its truncations, paraphrases, elisions and outright inventions.

In a nutshell

Humanity is becoming most urban at the precise moment in which, at least in the developed nations, the primary driver of urbanization – service-ecology diversity achieved via physical aggregation and density – is being undermined by networked informatics.